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Mead and Skittles

A Supplement for Grottos of the Mosaic

What is the Grottos of the Mosaic?

The GROTTOS OF THE MOSAIC is the campaign I ran online over 2020-2021 thanks to COVID-19 allowing me to connect with many old friends in virtual space. They loved it so much they said I have to write it up.  So I am! Please Click on the Image above to read more about the project!

In the process of expanding the campaign, I added in a few characters you may see have been inspired from outside the regular high fantasy RPG world….  and this further grew into an entire side-plot….

Meet the Chaplain of the temple of the Great Abide, known as the ‘Chap’, with his trusty companions, catching a moment in the Grand Hall of Skittles, in the Grottos of the Mosaic.
“Thou shalt Marketh it Nought!!!!!”
The material in this addition are for those wanting to add some lighter themes to their games (versus the darker themes from PHALANX OF SILVER, as we must have balance!)….  
"Thou shalt Marketh it Nought!!!!!"

The Adventure is Aimed for 2024

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