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Phalanx of Silver

A Supplement for Grottos of the Mosaic

What is the Grottos of the Mosaic?

The GROTTOS OF THE MOSAIC is the campaign I ran online over 2020-2021 thanks to COVID-19 allowing me to connect with many old friends in virtual space. They loved it so much they said I have to write it up.  So I am! Please Click on the Image above to read more about the project!

In the process of expanding the campaign, I decided to add more details and create some extra depth and subplots regarding one of the main menaces in the adventure… that of a band of tarnished silver marauders ravaging the land…

This is a tribute and twisting of the old Gamma World module, LEGION OF GOLD, which I always felt was the kindred spirit adventure to the KEEP ON THE BORDERLANDS.  The villains in this addition are for those wanting to add some darker themes to their games (versus the lighter themes from MEAD AND SKITTLES, as we must have balance!)….  Sorry, it is unlikely you will find a Hoop with a Slug-Thrower skulking around… but… you never know…

This will be used to again raise funds for charitable and noble organisations.


The Adventure is Aimed for 2024

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