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May 23 Flower Full Moon Day is Coming...!

MYSTMOOR is a system-agnostic* fantasy-horror setting and campaign you can easily use with your favourite TTRPG game.  Its design gives experienced Game Masters (GMs) the flexibility to run the materials in most low-magic, medieval-fantasy settings. 

It’s packed full of plot hooks, mysteries, threats, and everything you need for a campaign. 

This content is 100% Human created with absolutely NO A.I. involvement.

Blending heroic action with horrifying mysteries, take your players on a journey that allows them to feel like heroes, but always on edge at the horrors that lurk just outside their view, lying in wait in MYSTMOOR.

Note: The content will contain mature themes i.e. this material is not for children.

*Although most experienced Game Masters can easily adapt the provided materials to their favourite TTRPG systems, MYSTMOOR was primarily play-tested with EZD6 and Shadowdark.  Thus included are examples and methods for how to use these two systems with MYSTMOOR, as well as ways to extrapolate to other TTRPGs.

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