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A Death Knight in Heaven

A RPG Scenario of Epic Proportions

If you were around for AD&D Players Manual the First, you will remember this epic illustration… “A Paladin in Hell”, one of the most recognizable and inspirational illustrations from 1st ed AD&D (David Sutherland, Players Handbook, TSR, 1978)



It appears years later people wrote an actual scenario around it. 


Well, during COVID-19 in 2020, I ran an inverse version of it, with a crack “suicide squad” of Demogorgon’s elite agents taking on a “Guns of Navarone” style mission to destroy an Ultimate Weapon made by the “Good Guys”…. 


I have been encouraged by my friends to write it up and share with the community!  So stay tuned for updates on this most interesting project. 


Yes, a Hell Hound or two might be in there (we got to have the dogs!)


This will be used to again raise funds for charitable and noble organizations.



Above art by Cortes Flavio

The above art by Bruce Ballon via AI Drawing Programs

The Adventure is Aimed for 2024

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