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Beast of Gévaudan

The Board Game of Influence, Mystery and Terror

Ages: 12+

Players: 2-6

Game Time: ~ 60 minutes


Weight: Medium

Theme: Historical / Mystery

Based on Historical Facts

Not so Secret Design Goals

  • A Novel Mechanic where the Nature of the Beast can be one of 24 options, which players try to discover during the game to prepare for the Final Hunt!
  • Dealing with the Four Estates and secret patrons to spin the public opinion of what the Nature of the Beast is… and gain Influence above your rivals!
  • There are numerous ways to gain the most Influence and win the game… tactics and strategy are key to being triumphant!
  • The use of Fear and Trauma mechanics to help players also appreciate the terror people faced in those dark times… and that one’s faithful hound or trusty steed was all the treatment that existed back then!

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