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Arcana Carcosa

"Have you seen the Yellow Sign...?"


The Tarot Deck of Surreal Horror

Bruce Ballon & William King

Surreal Art created by

William King

This project has been luckily enough to be championed by an amazing artist, William King. I am highly honoured he took an interest in this endeavour! Working with him is a pleasure and his art is sublime, surreal, and haunting...

The Original Arcana Carcosa

The first version of THE ARCANA CARCOSA was created in the early 2010s. It was a collaboration between Bruce Ballon the bizarre magician and Steve Lines the artist. Only 100 decks were made as part of a charity project. The decks were snapped up by the magic community. The deck consisted of the Major Arcana and a few extra special cards. Sadly, Steve passed away last year in 2021, and it inspired Bruce to consider not only re-releasing the original deck in honour of Steve, but create a new ambitious version of an entire full tarot deck with surreal artist William King... with a unique reading system unlike any other... for use for readers, magicians, and Roleplaying gamers... as well as being a collectable for Mythos Mavens.

Bruce Ballon / Steve Lines Arcana Carcosa

Steve Lines

Author, Artist, Musician

In addition to the eventual launch of the new Arcana Carcosa, a redux of the BB-SL Original Version in honour of Steve will soon be released to again be used to raise charity for Doctors Without Borders at

Updates will be posted here as the project evolves

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