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  1. Associate Professor of Psychiatry and Public Health for the University of Toronto.
  2.  Adjunct Professor for the Health Sciences Faculty of the Institute of Technology at Ontario Tech University/University of Ontario.
  3. Fellowships in Addiction Psychiatry and Youth & Family Psychiatry.
  4. Consultant Psychiatrist  Homewood Health’s specialty clinics and residential programs across Canada, focusing on concurrent mental health, addiction and trauma issues.
  5. Medical Director for the Ontario Nursing Health Program for Ontario.
  6. Prior Director of Education for SIM-one, he co-developed numerous educational programs and helped foster the next generation of simulationists.
  7. Founder / developer of both the Youth Addiction and Concurrent Disorders Program and the Advanced Clinical and Educational Services at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, which evolved into the current Problem Gambling, Gaming and Internet Services.
  8. Senior Education /Simulation  Consultant for Baycrest.
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