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Hounds & Jackals Games & Magic was created to explore the use of tabletop board games and theatrical magic as forms of media to raise awareness of mental health issues in society

Of key importance is that the Hounds & Jackals offerings will provide innovative and entertaining experiences for participants.  

The projects also will  include:

  • Blending in mental health information and reflective exercises into the experiences
  • Melding modern, historical and fantastical elements into experiential learning to promote reflection on the human condition
  • Engaging the imagination through immersive themes and settings
  • Balancing human interaction in the age of the Digital by providing engaging social experiences On and Off-Screen  

Attention to detail  is a core value of any Hounds & Jackals product.   This is in reference to content as well as style.

Due to Hounds &  Jackals being a very tiny endeavour of really one person doing this to help mental health awareness and raise charity funds for good causes… most offerings will be produced as time allows! 




Hounds and Jackals was one of the first board games ever created. The modern name was invented by Howard Carter, who found one complete gaming set in a Theban tomb of ancient Egyptian pharaoh Amenemhat IV that dates to the 13th Dynasty. Hounds & Jackals represents an ancient game found in modern times that was given a name and rules made up by modern academics; many of the Hounds & Jackals projects are built with the intent to use historical elements to allow exploration of modern issues. It also seems in almost every bookstores that Magic, Boardgames, Card Games, and the Roleplaying Games are all grouped together. Considering the Hounds and Jackals game involves boardgames and connections to ancient mythology, it seems a wonderful metaphor to cover the activities of this enterprise i.e. board games, role-playing games, and magic effects. ALSO The Founder of the Hounds & Jackals enterprise is VERY fond of dogs!

We serve no Game before its Tame*

* For those of a certain age, you may appreciate the reference!

The Pack

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